Did you know that...

Listening to music can lower your blood pressure and your heart rate, and both are spike when you're stressed. Did you also know that I can just tell when a client is stressed and nervous they show up to their session? Whenever I see a client like this, I usually end up hearing one of the following statements "We've never had professional photos taken." or "We didn't have the best experience last time" or even the dreaded "Sorry the kids weren't cooperating, I'm not sure if this will work.". All three of these statements are so disheartening to hear! I always want those who book me to have an amazing time and leave happy knowing we captured exactly what they envisioned. Honestly, they almost always do. I know I cannot please everyone 100% and that's okay, however I have one little trick up my sleeve that makes my odds of having a great session so much better.

At this point you must be saying, "Maddie, why did you bring up music? That's kind of a random topic to start with."

Well I would say back.. That's a really good observation, I bring up music because remember my little trick? It's a Bluetooth Speaker!

I bring a speaker to all of my sessions, I can easily break the ice with a new client and bring out any vibe with a simple playlist! Music is important for evoking emotions just as much as reducing stress. The rhythm and tempo of music can contribute to a more relaxed state of mind, which is exactly what I want everyone to feel during their photoshoot, relaxed. Getting photos taken shouldn't be a stressful event, it should be something you reminisce about.

Since I've started using music with my sessions, it has totally improved my way of connecting with my clients. All of my families have loved my upbeat pop and country playlist, I'll have a little dance party with the kids and capture them just being themselves. For my couples sessions I have two different playlists, one for the romantics who love to cuddle up it totally brings all of the Taylor Swift 'Lover' vibes. I also have one for couples who are up for an adventure, there's seriously nothing like hiking to a location, listening to some good throwbacks, and singing with your clients at the top of your lungs. I've even made cocktail hour and reception playlists for my brides and grooms to be who have no idea where to begin, one couple literally sent my cocktail hour playlist to their DJ and said "These are the vibes we want, can you make it happen?" and he delivered based off of that playlist alone.

Since music has the power to move us and inspire us, I've linked ALL of the playlists I have personally made for my sessions below. These are all completely free to use, however they are all located on Spotify which requires a membership for ad free music.

Thank you all to those who have read my first ever blog post, next week I'll be talking about all of my favorite locations in the SoMD area.

Go out there and keep creating! <3