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Hey there! I'm Madeline, a passionate photographer who stumbled upon her true calling during a tough battle with postpartum depression. My journey into photography kicked off after the birth of my daughter when I was feeling pretty lost. One day, I grabbed my mom's old camera and started snapping shots of my family. It was like a switch flipped inside me, and I just knew I had found my thing. Finally, in late 2020, I took the leap and started my own photography business.

Photography quickly evolved from a pastime into a way for me to express myself and capture the beauty all around. Looking through that lens, I began to appreciate life in a whole new light, and it became a big part of my healing process.

For me, a photoshoot isn't just about snapping pictures; it's a celebration of love and joy. I've worked hard to create an atmosphere that's inclusive, warm, and supportive. Whether it's lending an ear, offering a pep talk, or just providing a safe space, I'm always here for my clients.

People have described my work as authentic, candid, timeless, and a touch bold. I have a knack for capturing genuine moments that feel effortless and true to my clients' essence. Staged poses? Nah, not really my style. I'm all about those real, unscripted moments that tell your story perfectly.

dmv wedding and portrait photographer
dmv wedding and portrait photographer
dmv wedding and portrait photographer

My favorite podcasts are..

  1. Crime Junkie (True Crime)
  2. Dungeons & Daddies ( Comedy D&D Podcast)
  3. The Broski Report with Brittany Broski (Comedy)

A perfect day in my eyes would be..

Reading a great book as the sun rises, and sipping on a nice cup of iced coffee. Then spend the rest of my day laying on the beach while my family played in the water. To be honest, anytime we go on vacation feels like a perfect day!

My favorite TV shows are..

  1. Law & Order SVU
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Greys Anatomy
  4. The Bear
  5. Survivor

Three things I cannot live without..

  1. Coffee
  2. My Phone
  3. Chick-fil-A Sauce



My Zodiac Sign is...

Aquarius! Aquarians are the free-spirited trailblazers of the zodiac, we are known for eccentricity and open-mindedness.  Our friendly and humanitarian nature makes us natural connectors, always striving to build bridges and foster a sense of community, we also possess a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess, making us great problem-solvers.

We dance to the beat of our own drum in a world that often craves conformity!